New York storytime #4 – My first time

I really hope that some of you are thinking that I got to meet an amazing man in New York and we had a great night… Unfortunately that didn’t happen… I did meet a really handsome man though.. Well, “meet” isn’t exactly the right word. I saw him in the subway and took a sneaky picture of him because I didn’t dare to go up to him and he wouldn’t see me ever again so.. I also will never post that picture online or do anything crazy with it… It’s just a fun memory. So I’m sorry to disappoint, we will never be a cute internet story about a girl who saw a boy in the subway, took a picture of him and spread it on the internet like nutella (if you get that reference, I love you) and then he connected with her and they saw each other and lived happily ever after…

Anyway, to get to the point of the story. A trip to New York wouldn’t be a trip to New York if we didn’t see a Broadway musical. Especially being me, a musicalgeek who is out to becoming a professional musicalstar without being able to sing properly. It almost didn’t happen. My company really wanted to see “The Lion King” on Broadway, but those tickets were 190 euros per individual (for the worst seats, may I add). I love the king of lion’s and I love broadway, but ain’t nobody got money for that! So I had heard about this TKTS booth thing and we were planning on checking out those schedules and try to see a show on discount (yes, I’m cheap). It was a hard decision and we never really got to decide which one we really wanted to see. My company is more of the “known” broadway musicals and the only ones on there in that category were “Phantom of The Opera” and “Cats”. I had seen “Cats” in the West End travelling version in Belgium & my company didn’t know “Phantom”, so that wasn’t going to happen…

When we arrived in New York I noticed a few flyers and advertisements for “Waitress”. I don’t know why, but for some reason I felt attracted to it (probably because of the beautiful colors or something). I had never heard of it before, but saw the songs were by Sara Bareilles and that got me even more intrigued.

So our last day we REALLY wanted to see a show, so we went to the TKTS booth (again) and “Waitress” was 50% off, so we decided on that and BOY WAS THAT THE BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE!
The venue was beautiful and smelled like freshly baked pies. PIES. We were so excited and the show didn’t disappoint at all! We had amazing seats for only around 86 dollars per individual (!!!!). I fell in love with everything about it: the venue, the actors, the music, the decor, the jokes,… It was PERFECT.
And the cast… The cast.. Oh lord…. I had the pleasure to see Caitlin Houlahan in her broadway debut and fell in love with her from the first note she sang. She was amazing and I related to her character “Dawn” in so many ways! (like probably most of world population, but still).

Afterwards we decided on waiting at the stagedoors, because I’ve seen alot of actors actually show up at stagedoors to meet fans and that’s something we absolutely DON’T know in Belgium. I got to meet 4 actors of the maincast and the adorable Cate! They were all superfriendly! When you see Belgian musical actors, they are stuck up pretty easily, the same for regular actors in my country. So to see such amazing actors, so talented, so down to earth, was breathtaking! I made sure to say something to every single one of them and try to be original and I had a little conversation with little Cate’s mom as well.

Dakin Matthews
Me: Hi! You were amazing!
Dakin: Oh, thank you!
Me: Could I get a quick selfie as well?
Dakin: Yeah, sure!

Jeremy Morse 
Me: Hi! Your timing was incredible!
Jeremy: Thank you so much!
Me: Can I get a quick picture?
Jeremy: Of course!

Caitlin Houlahan 
Me: Hi!
Caitlin: Hi!
Me: So, this was your broadway debut, wasn’t it?
Caitlin: Yeah! Yes it is!
Me: Oh my god, you were so amazing! It was incredible!
Caitlin: Oh, thank you so much!!
Me: Could I get a picture with you?
Caitlin: Sure!
Me: Thank you so much!

Betsy Wolfe
Me: Hi! You were amazing! I had to say hi for my friend ____, she couldn’t be here today…
Betsy: Oh, too bad! Make sure to tell her I said hi, okay?
Me: I will! Thank you! Can we take a picture?
Betsy: Sure! Oh, is it a video?
Me: Oh no, it’s just a picture..
Betsy: Great, thank you! & say hi to your friend!
Me: Thank you so much!

Cate Elefante 
Me: Oh she’s so cute, is this her first broadway show?
Her mom: Yes it is!
Me: Is it hard to keep her grounded (little laughter)
Her mom: (laughs as well) Well, she doesn’t really understand.. I mean, she knows it’s amazing and it’s a huge thing, but she doesn’t understand how big this is yet, so that helps…
Me: Hi, you were incredible! Do you like doing this?
Cate: Yes, thank you!
Me: Thank you!!
Cate: You’re welcome!

So after all of that I was so starstruck and just so amazed by how grounded they all were, I had a glowing smile on my face for the rest of the night and had the best sleep!
Thank you to the Waitress cast & crew for making my FIRST Broadway experience unforgettable!


PS: here are some pictures of the amazing experience! 🙂


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