New York storytime #3 – Friends

I'm one of those people who didn't have a great highschool experience when thinking about "being popular" or "having friends". To get over that, I mostly read books and wandered around on the internet. Wanderlust in my own style, you may say ;).
I was pretty quick with catching on to social media and was early with having a facebook, twitter, tumblr and youtube account. Soon I noticed that I wasn't alone, although it looked like that in my real life. I met amazing people during all those years. Some of them I still talk to, with some of them I unfortunately lost contact with because life came in the way,…

Most of my internetfriends (I actually call people "friends" pretty quickly, so if we ever talked to eachother, you're my friend, whether you like it or not, hah!) are from the USA. The USA was always a dream for me. I want to work there, I want to live there, and now that I've seen how amazing people are in real life that feeling only became stronger.

This vacation I was lucky enough to meet some twitter friends and make new friends along the way. I've met so many amazing people and I hope we'll never lose contact. (I'm also super afraid no one likes me, since I'm kinda awkward and I always want people to like me but I don't know if I'm "likeable" enough…).
I feel so lucky to have met these people in real life and see that they are 100% like their internet persona's. There are so many people I still have to meet (and I'm really hoping I will some day, because these people have helped me through crazy times, without knowing it).

This blogpost is super random and all over the place, but I just needed to mention them somewhere (even though I didn't literally mention them by name, they know who they are).
For the new people I've met: I hope I didn't came across too awkward and you'll be willing to meet me again.
For the people I still need to meet: It WILL happen, probably at random, just like New York.
For the people I've known for a longer time online: You all are exactly like I know you online and I feel blessed to have met you and spent time with you.



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