New York storytime #2 – The girl working at Top of the Rock

The last day of our trip, we decided on visiting the Rockefeller center and observatory, enjoying the amazing view and beautiful city for one last time. In these touristy buildings, workers are always super nice and are trying to give you the best time they can by smiling, being friendly,… They never let you go without a "goodbye" or a "how are you doing today?" & they seem genuinely happy that you visited.

After our last views and teary eyes, we started to wait in line for the elevator to the exit of the building. In the distance we heard a girl singing, but didn't really think much of it. As we came closer, there were two people working at the elevators. A boy and a girl, both having the best times while working their jobs. The girl was entertaining visitors by making jokes, singing,… I've never seen someone so excited during their job. At one point she asked some people in front of the line where they were from. They answered: "Tennessee". Without hesitation she replied: "oh, you're from Tennessee? Because you're a ten, I see!", the other boy immediately started laughing and shouted: "you DID NOT just make that joke!". They were both working so good together and giving us the best goodbye experience.
I'm sure all of this doesn't really make sense while reading, so I have a video of the girl singing to make sure everyone was in the right line & I even asked for a quick selfie (I look horrible, but it's the memory, okay?!).
If anyone knows this girl, just make sure she knows that she's awesome and she made my day!



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