New York storytime #1 – The social worker

During my vacation in New York, it became very clear how amazingly friendly US citizens are. Whether they were visiting the city themselves or they were locals, not a single conversation was too much to ask. I will cherish this kindness forever and never forget the tons of amazing random conversations I had on the streets. This is one of them.

While in New York, me and my company wanted to try as much "local" food as we could. I've always heard about the amazing New York pizza's and I don't think I would have forgiven myself if I didn't try a slice. There are many, many pizza places that advertise big and promise the "Best pizza you've ever eaten", but I don't trust easily, so we decided on asking some locals.

Being in such a big city with so many tourists walking around, it's hard to figure out who is a local, but we would mostly just go up to people and 9/10 times, they were locals.
This time we went towards two black women, I guess mid 40s (their age nor their ethnicity has nothing to do with the core of this story, but I want to remember them as vividly as I possibly can). I didn't ask their names and I've been hating myself for not asking them ever since we walked away from them, so if you remember this, I love you both and will remember you forever!

This is how our conversation went:
Me: "Hi! I'm sorry, could we ask you a question?"
Woman #1: "Sure thing! Go on!"
Me: "So, we were wondering if you could recommend any good pizza places around here?"
Woman #1: "Oh My God! I wish I could go with you right now! *licks fingers, starts fangirling about two amazing pizza places*
Woman #2: "I'm so happy this was an easy question, I was scared you were going to ask the hard stuff.. I'm a social worker, I'm used to this though…"
Me: "Really??? Me too! In Belgium though!"
Woman #2: "Oh my lord! Bless you child! *gives me the tightest hug I've ever gotten*, take care of yourself! I'll be thinking about you, bless you!"
Me: *almost in tears* "omg, thank you so so much!"
Woman #1: *makes sure I remember the directions* Enjoy yourselves, okay? Bless you!"
Me: "Thank you! Thank you so so much!!"

While talking about this to my company, he said the 2nd woman held his shoulder and said "Take great care of her!", before we walked away. I still get emotional while thinking about this. Getting such a love-filled hug, by a woman I've never met before was such a powerful thing to happen! I wish things like this could happen to everyone around the world on a daily base!



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